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Are you at the beginning stage? Have you been going a while and your data is stagnant? Was the PLC model rolled out incorrectly to begin with and now you have other problems that you would like to fix? PLC training is available for any district size and need. Professional Development can consist of full day training, coaching, virtual and on site support, and will utilize the "Learning by Doing" by Richard DuFour published by Solution Tree.  A PLC training plan can be created to fit the exact needs of your district or school. 

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Data Drives Decisions! 

Numerous reports can bog down a curriculum director, administrator or teacher. Learn the right reports to run for district, school, grade, and individual teachers. Learn to group students by instructional needs and find gaps in data to support learning for all. 

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Common Assessments

Utilize this class once you have completed the PLC journey (or during). Common Formative Assessment is an essential piece to the success of a PLC. Learn how to build common assessments as a grade level team or vertically across grade levels. This 3 hour class incorporates teacher work time and is best utilized when taken as a group or school. 

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Engagement Strategies

This 3 hour class will ensure that every teacher has several engagement strategies to utilize in their classroom the next day. This is a hands-on class, in which teachers will participate in each engagement strategy. This class can be utilized for any grade or subject. Back this class with coaching sessions to ensure that engagement is being utilized effectively in the classroom. 

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6+1 Traits Writing

This workshop contains at least 3 hours of professional development on 6+traits writing. Professional Development consists of learning mini lessons for all of the traits, along with using available resources to plan mini-lessons in the classroom. The rest of the time will be spent working with grade level or vertically aligned teams to build assignments and rubrics aligned to state standards and/or district curriculum. Use the time to have guided support for teacher teams. 

The 6+ traits professional development can be a stand alone 3 hour class, but will not contain teacher work time for aligning standards and/or district curriculum.

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Writing Cohort

Renegades provides a writing cohort that aligns with the 6+ traits writing. This cohort starts with the 3 hour professional development class and continues with tasks throughout the year to complete while teaching. This format of professional development allows teachers to have sustainable and ongoing professional development throughout the year. Teachers will utilize projects and topics already being taught during the year and implement the traits of writing and rubrics. Tasks throughout the year are virtual meetings (in person on request) and all cohorts end with some type of end of year project showcase for students and a virtual (or in person on request) end of year meeting to make plans for the following school year.

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Informational Text

Teaching Informational Text shouldn't be the sole responsibility of ELA teachers. Math, Science, Social Studies and elective teachers all have a responsibility to teach Informational Text. This class teaches multiple text structures and how to utilize them in any grade or subject. Learn how to work with other teachers in your school or grade level to actively promote the teaching of Informational Text. 

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Backwards by Design

What do you want your students to know and how will you know when they master it? These are two of the main questions in a PLC. However, learning how to create those lessons and units can be a struggle. Especially if you are working in a multi-grade level classroom. This class helps teachers plan lessons and units by utilizing the Understanding by Design model and planning with the end in mind. 

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Cognia Review Process

Cognia has become a widely used accreditation process but sorting through the standards and knowing how to use the eleot for classroom observations can be overwhelming.  Utilize training from Renegades to break down the standards with your administration and/or leadership teams. Other trainings consist of the eleot observation tool and planning for your review. 

Build your Own

Use a combination of pre-planned courses to build a Professional Development Plan that is ongoing and sustainable, or get a free consult with Allison Nys to plan specific professional development around the unique needs of your district. Email Allison to request a time to meet about creating a plan for your district. 

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